Orienteering Game

Orienteering game is more than a good way of spending time with colleagues. It is an opportunity to test your own knowledge, stamina, reaction and even more – a way to test the team in various situations.

Participants are divided into teams of 4-5 persons (the whole crew for a standard car). You will get a printed or electronic format game scenario with encoded or described places (e.g. GPS coordinates encoded in Braille). Having arrived at the game site different types of tasks – creative, technological, team or individual are offered to participants; therefore, everyone will have an opportunity to use his/her knowledge and inventiveness. While playing you may face different encodings, solve logical tasks or seek for a secret answer and meet our actor-agent who will hand in a new task to you.

Depending on your wishes, we may include visits to unseen or recommended to see objects. The game can begin in Your City and finalise in a selected homestead or in any other site of celebration. The length of track depends on the site where you plan to spend the evening and the desired playing time.

P. S. While playing all participants must follow traffic regulations and wear reflective vests.