Corporate Cup

On 31 March 2016 Corporate Cup was launched for the first time in Lithuania. Around thirty different companies tested their abilities in three rounds that creatively combined business principles and a game concept. Companies representing various fields competed for a title of the winner in LITEXPO spaces. During the four-hour event each team reached the common goal by using its advantages obtained in team building trainings or in every day work.

Participation in Corporate Cup is not only an exclusive opportunity to spend your time in a meaningful way and to know the colleagues better, but also a way to reveal their strengths that can be successfully applied in a competitive world of business. Increasingly popular annual conferences, seminars and other business events often focus on representatives of specific fields, but these limitations are not applied to companies competing for the Corporate Cup.

The event has happened three years in a row. Follow news on Facebook profile of Didieji žaidimai agency and become a participant next time!

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