Pabėk (Vilnius)

How “Pabėk” (eng. escape) differs from other city games? “Pabėk” is a cocktail of an orientation city and escape game with an additional doze of excitement. Our goal is to make you feel like being in a movie while visiting each object.

According to the legend, duke Gediminas dreamed an iron wolf howling on a high hill. However, only few know that the duke followed the iron wolf and aimed to reveal the source of power of this mysterious creature. Gediminas attention was distracted by unusual howl of the wolf and he lost the mysterious creature from his sight. The duke called for his sorcerers and ordered them to find out how such a big creature could fade away in several seconds leaving only an echo of his howl wandering among the trees. In the opinion of the senior sorcerer Lizdeika, he provided the best logical explanation – the lord was dreaming. But was it true? Did Lizdeika have his own secrets?

While running the participants had to solve a lot of puzzles and also be quick in overcoming distances between the task sites in order to reveal the secrets of Lizdeika. You can browse the gallery to see how everything happened.

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