Production House

Does your team lack creativity? Are you not sure how to deal with it? It is not a problem at all!

We offer an opportunity to wake up any sleepy team member and turn dreams about becoming famous a REALITY!

The event consists of two stages – planning and action. During the first stage together with the team we will select the music, appoint the most creative member a director, the most talkative one – a producer, the best dancer – a choreographer, and other members will become artists in a music clip. However, as one can observe in the movies by Woody Allen or Quentin Tarantino, director, producer and choreographer will have a chance to be on the stage as well.

A professional operator will film the clip while another camera will make a record of the whole creative process. Everybody loves to watch those things that were left behind the scenes.

In the end of the day you may enjoy the music clip made by Your Team.