Company celebrations and anniversaries

We organise big company summer celebrations, Christmas and New Year parties and other big events for Your Company. We will take care of the best venue, delicious meals, the most beautiful music and incredible show hosts. You will be able to choose from a variety of our entertainment to engage your staff and feel great yourself.

Grand openings

If you plan to open a new office, a shop or a branch we are the best option for you. You will forget all organisational issues of the event because the best professionals will work for you. Meals, music, lighting and a show host are a standard offer available anywhere. Instead, outstanding invitations reflecting the activities of Your Company, a cosy atmosphere will make every guest feel like your best friend.

Staff motivational events

The best way to make your staff feel appreciated is delicious meals and unforgettable entertainment. Even Julius Caesar has told that people need bread and games, and we can offer even more. Big Games will provide you with a package of unique and interactive proposals to choose what suits you the best and what is new to your staff.

Playful product presentations

Do you offer a new product to the market? Would you like to make an unusual and innovative presentation? We are here for making it a reality and encourage your current and future clients to share impressions and spread a good word about your activities for a long time. Our professional team will organise both an event and a product presentation.

Team building

Regular team buildings are getting boring today, that‘s why we offer to forget such activities like an outdated rope trailing or games of  egg carrying. We are here to propose an innovative approach to team building by using technologies, game elements spiced with an adrenaline flavour.

Partner and customer loyalty events

The best way to remind clients and partners about you is to organise a party or a celebration for them. If Big Games are in charge of the event even formally dressed participants will feel like at the playground and will keep good memories of the event. Not to mention excitement, competition and the taste of victory that are all common both for a student and a serious manager.


We do

  • Corporate Summer Festivals
  • Corporate Christmas and New Year Parties
  • Other Corporate Celebrations
  • Theme Parties
  • Product or Service Presentations
  • Grand Openings
  • Incentive Events
  • Event Management
  • Event Hosting
  • Delivery of Food and Beverages
  • DJ Services
  • Sound and Lights
  • Location management
  • Motivational Events
  • Orienteering Games
  • Survival Games
  • Creativity Games
  • Escape Games
  • Team Building