Murder Mystery

“Murder mystery” is a detective game that gained world popularity. Every player of this game can become a detective and discover his/her new abilities. One of the party participants (i. e. our actor) mysteriously “dies” and a feeling that the “villain” is among the participants replaces an immediate flash of panics.

The main goal is to untangle this complex case and reveal “the criminal”. Each participant gets a personal card with a name, a role and a type of behaviour. The colleague constantly giggles and cannot stop blinking? It is the sign that will help you to untangle the case and answer the main question “Where did the party guest disappear?”.

This game is an interactive party entertainment that makes you enjoying the feeling of freedom because each participant creates his own strategy. During the party you will move towards the goal by communicating to each other and searching for answers.

Cards describe situations when different participants behave in a certain way, i. e. one may tell the truth only when blinking a left eye, while another one who is a real fighter for the truth will never lie when sitting with his head turned to the right. In this way each player can perform his or her role and communicate with all guests of the party without any constraints.

Each game is a distinct concept and its scenario is developed for you with an outlook to needs, features of colleagues and funny phrases from conversations at work etc.