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Who are we?

We are Didieji žaidimai!

The agency of exclusive and interactive events “Didieji žaidimai” is your partner and the first choice to organise company’s celebrations for staff or clients, arrange product presentations, training or motivational events. Our work principle “from A to Z” will help you to forget organisational tasks and difficulties because we can take care of all including event venue, team or personal activities, meals and other unforeseen issues.

Our main value is a constantly increasing base of regular customers; we invite you to contact us and join our clientele. Unforgettable and positive impressions are guarenteed even after a long after an even has passed.

Events for Your Business

  • Grand openings
  • Company celebrations and anniversaries
  • Staff motivational events
  • Partner and client loyalty events
  • Team building
  • Playful product presentations
  • Creative parties
  • Events for foreign guests

Why should you choose us?

  • We will offer your company a final product from idea to saying good bye to the last participant.
  • Event team will successfully complete all necessary activities anytime and anywhere.
  • The wide range of innovative services will allow creating an unforgettable celebration.
  • We are not fond of trivial events and for this reason we will pay special attention to themes, design and adapting entertainment to activities and brand of Your Company.
  • Long-term experience of the team is a guarantee of mature approach and responsibility.



Our customers